Yes I already know that ice cream is frozen but what I mean is that the method of how it is being made namely with the use of liquid Nitrogen.

You read that right, nitrogen, that liquid that you used back when you were tasked to create something good that would wow the teachers for a science project or science fair.

Now it is being used to cook up ice cream with the used of a shallow pan and constantly using liquid nitrogen or letting it touch the bottom of the pan, its quick and easy to use with a little hassle because you need to constantly check the temperature of the liquid nitrogen and you have to provide fresh flavorings.


I for one love seeing the food that is being serve to me come alive or be made right in front of my eyes, so when I saw these being made in malls I was so captivated by them that I immediately bought one just to see them again make it, it’s like I paid for ice cream and a show.

Props to the person who had the creativity to think of this way in creating ice cream, you are one of my favorite person in the world.