Chefs of today are vastly different from the chefs of yesterday in the aspect that most chefs today would not waste any part of the animal that they would be cutting up, they would find new and more creative ways on handling this situation.

Today culinary students are being taught that it is not a disgrace to getting down and dirty when it comes to making food, we are taught that the best food comes from multitudes of experiences that you acquire away from your comfort zone.

And with respect to this way of teaching, the way of thinking that what you personally make would have a better outcome that’s why the latest trend in Garde Manger that I have personally observed in the internet and in some restaurants here in Manila is that they now prefer to make their own ingredients, specifically charcuterie.


As we all know, Charcuterie is a plate made for the gods by combining different types of cheeses and meats together paired with a good bottle of wine, who in their right mind would not succumb to the deliciousness of this plate.