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Gravlax is a dish that is made by covering fish, preferably lean salmon, with a mixture of salt, dill, lemon zest, a little bit of pepper, and sugar. Letting it sit for a week on a sealed container while changing... Continue Reading →

Food Review: Cafe Breton

Last term we had the opportunity of dining at Cafe Breton, a casual dining joint that offers different kinds of dishes that ranges from salads to burgers to desserts which are to die for, one of our group mates suggested... Continue Reading →

Food Review: Burgers

Casual Dining Vs. Fast Food Burgers are one of the most consumed food in the whole world because of this the burger scene has been producing one new burger after the other just to keep ahead of their competitors. If... Continue Reading →

Trends in Garde Manger: Frozen Ice Cream

Yes I already know that ice cream is frozen but what I mean is that the method of how it is being made namely with the use of liquid Nitrogen. You read that right, nitrogen, that liquid that you used... Continue Reading →

Trends in Garde Manger: Whole Hog

Chefs of today are vastly different from the chefs of yesterday in the aspect that most chefs today would not waste any part of the animal that they would be cutting up, they would find new and more creative ways... Continue Reading →

Spanish style Galantine salad

At first I was unsure if I would eat galantine when we made it for our kitchen lab class last week, when I heard that we were required to eat a bit of galantine so that we would receive our... Continue Reading →

Sushi and Sashimi

When I first heard of sushi and sashimi I thought that it would not be to my taste because some of the ingredients used when making sushi are raw, but to my surprise eating it was the best decision I... Continue Reading →

What is a Garde Manger?

Garde Manger is a french word for "Guardian of food" and it was and still a job that requires both skill and patience to master because of all the minute details needed to accomplish a task. Garde Manger is  pronounced... Continue Reading →

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